Soak-aways & Land Drainage

Welfare Units and Site Toilet Tanks

Welfare units are portable buildings with canteen and toilet facilities, both of which produce waste, found mainly in the construction industry.

Health and Safety regulations specify that construction sites have to provide welfare facilities for all personnel on site.

Waterloo Tankers provide a professional and courteous emptying service where we strive to put our customers needs first. Where at all possible we endeavour not to perform desludging of tanks during lunch breaks or rest periods. We can also liaise with site management to reschedule empties if they are to conflict with such instances as site inspections or higher management visits.

Our drivers/operators will, as a matter of course, also check the serviceability of the toilets to ensure they are operating effectively and there are no blockages to the system.

Our tankers also carry supplies of non-potable water that can be used in welfare units for hand washing, showers and toilet flushing allowing for the replenishment of water tanks if required.

Lastly all waste removed from site is recorded on a Duty of Care – Waste Transfer Certificate, signed by producer, carrier and disposers of waste, and disposed of at a fully licensed waste disposal facility.

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