Septic Tank Emptying

Septic Tanks range in size shape, design, age and condition from Victorian brick chambers through to modern plastic or fibreglass self-contained units. All tanks, regardless of age or pedigree require regular emptying to ensure they continue to work as they were originally designed. Failure to do so can result in the tank blocking and pollution hazards.

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When to empty?

All tanks require emptying at some stage and the longer period left between desludging will increase the likelihood of a problem occurring. In order that your septic tank/sewage treatment plant works efficiently it is recommended that your tank is emptied annually to reduce the risk of pollution, drain blockages, damage to the tank and to prolong the life of your filter chamber or soak-away.


*The Environment Agency recommend annual tank emptying

Emptying Services

We offer a fully comprehensive emptying service for all manner of tanks from septic tanks and cesspits to sewage treatment plants and pump chambers. Our fleet of vehicles can adequately manage the toughest jobs and our personnel have both the knowledge and skills to ensure our customers receive a highly professional, hygienic and, above all, friendly and courteous service.
Maintenance schedules can be arranged whereby we put your tank on a rota and a reminder is sent to you on your tank’s anniversary.

Domestic and Commercial Work

We provide our emptying services to both domestic and commercial customers throughout the North West. Whether you have a small tank to the rear of a cottage in a rural location or you require a pump-out for a site tank on a building site in the heart of a town we can deliver the professional service you’re looking for at a competitive price; so long as we can reach your tank with our hose we can empty it.

Construction Sites

Site toilet tanks require regular, often weekly, empties to ensure the welfare facilities remain functional and there is no risk of spillage or blockages. A tank service not only includes the emptying of the tank but also a check on the toilets to ensure everything is flowing in the right direction. Any problems found will be reported to site management. Where possible any blockages to the tank or toilets will be dealt with and cleared as part of the tank’s service.
Our personnel are equipped with full Personal Protective Equipment to ensure both their safety and compliance with your site entry and work rules.
Site toilet tanks are available for hire

Waste Disposal

All liquid waste is disposed of at licenced waste reception centre such as a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTW [Sewage Works]). A document known as a Waste Transfer – Duty of Care note will be filled out by the attending operator with the following details:


  • Type of Waste – details of the waste including quantity and how it was contained
  • Waste Producer – Customer address details
  • Waste Disposer – Tanker company details including Waste Carrier Licence number
  • Waste Disposer – WwTW’s or Waste Reception Centre


The Duty of Care note is a receipt for your waste and should be retained by the customer for two years as proof the waste was disposed of responsibly.