Soak-aways & Land Drainage

Suffering From Problem Standing Water or Drainage Issues?

No matter how efficient the septic tank an effective discharge can be the most important part of the system. Soak-away’s and Filter Beds treat effluent that has been discharged from the septic tank so that it does not cause pollution to land or watercourses.

Soak-aways and filter beds can become clogged and blocked over time due to a whole range of reasons, the most popular one being the discharge of heavy sludge from the tank because the septic tank was not emptied often enough. If a soak-away can not be maintained then a new one may be an option.

Filter beds can be reconditioned, repaired or replaced depending on the problem.

Land drainage can help reduce standing water from garden, meadow, sportsfield or sand paddock.

All land drainage and soak-away systems we install are done so with future maintenance in mind so that they can continue to perform for decades. All are designed with multiple inspection chambers for easy access, maintenance and servicing and come complete with a design plans.

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