Fat Traps

In addition to emptying septic tanks we also offer a Fat Trap emptying service for the catering and food production industries.


Fat waste, known as FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) can be a major factor in blocking drains and businesses producing such waste are required to have adequate traps installed to prevent FOG waste entering the sewerage system.

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Fat traps

Fat traps and grease separators require regular emptying so that they continue to work effectively, reduce the risk of waste entering and blocking the sewerage system and prevent a loss in production or operation to your business.


We offer maintenance schedules to businesses with fat traps to ensure fat traps are routinely emptied cleanly, efficiently and at a time that won’t have an adverse effect on your trade.

Waste Disposal

All liquid waste is disposed of at licenced waste reception centre such as a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTW [Sewage Works]). A document known as a Waste Transfer – Duty of Care note will be filled out by the attending operator with the following details:


  • Type of Waste – details of the waste including quantity and how it was contained
  • Waste Producer – Customer address details
  • Waste Disposer – Tanker company details including Waste Carrier Licence number
  • Waste Disposer – WwTW’s or Waste Reception Centre


The Duty of Care note is a receipt for your waste and should be retained by the customer for two years as proof the waste was disposed of responsibly.