Drain Jetting

Drains can block for all manner of reasons and the first signs anything might be wrong are bad smells, gurgling sinks or a toilet that takes longer than normal to flush.

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High pressure jetting equipment

At Waterloo Tankers we have specialist high pressure jetting equipment that’s able to unblock and clean your drains at a price that’s right. Our jetting equipment is fitted to road tankers so we can carry a larger volume of water than most van based units. This enables a more sustained period of jetting without having to break off to replenish the water tank. The tankers also carry a variety of tools and equipment specific to unblocking drains. Our jetting personnel are qualified and experienced in diagnosing faults and rectifying problems with blocked drains.


High pressure water jetting can be quickly arranged for emergency blockage clearance or organised in advance for more detailed drain cleaning as part of a site or house maintenance schedule.