Bulk Water Delivery

We supply non-potable clean water from 1000 litres right up to a full tanker load of 16,000 litres throughout the North West region. In the past we have supplied clean water for all manner of reasons from the more obvious construction site requirements to pipe lining, dust suppression and water for newly laid lawns and freshly planted shrubs or bedding plants. If required, we can arrange to water the plants for you.

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Building Sites

Keeping your site operational with clean water not only for your welfare units and restrooms but also for your construction work such as cement mixing, plastering and rendering jobs.


*Bulk water tanks are available for hire

Percolation Tests

Bulk water delivery of up to 16,000 litres per load. The advantage of using clean water in bulk means test holes can be filled rapidly and without risk of pollution. Water can be pumped over distance if required.

Living off the Grid

Our clean water deliveries can plug the gap during long spells of drought when low levels of rainfall leave your rain harvesting tanks dry.